10th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2013

10th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Speakers Name Presented Titles
John Piggott Not all in the mind – the
chemistry of flavour
Axel Cleeremans Conscious and Nonconscious Influences in the
sensory domain
Guillermo Hough What do we know (and don’t know)
about food acceptability in low-income
Michael O'Mahony Difference Tests:
What happens in the head?
Charles Spence Neuroscience-Inspired
Multisensory Packaging Design
Marcelo Drügg Barreto Vianna Overview of the Brazilian economy, sustainability and consumption

Conference Description

The 10th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium aims at bringing together professionals of the Sensory and Consumer Science community. It promotes the dissemination of new knowledge and allows young scientists and students to meet senior professionals, contributing to the development of the field. The 10th Pangborn is held for the first time outside Europe and North America, which will be a great moment for congregating all professionals, and will provide opportunities for exploring new horizons; gathering people to the challenge of surpassing the new frontiers of knowledge in all senses.

Join us in turning this already well established scientific event into an unforgettable Brazilian experience. Be one step ahead of the rest of the world and come before the Football World Cup and Olympics to the warm setting of the Wonderful City surrounded by the Brazilian tropical nature. Rio de Janeiro welcomes you!

Topic List

  • Fundamentals of sensory research

  • Advances in sensory and consumer methodologies

  • Sensory and instrumental relationships

  • Sensory evaluation in quality control and product development 

  • Cross-cultural and income-related research

  • Food choice and consumer behaviour

  • Cross-modal interactions

  • Sensory properties for health and wellness

  • Age-related sensory perception and behaviour

  • Sensometrics

  • Sensory and consumer research of non-food products

Abstract Submission Deadline: 15th February, 2013

IpanemaDowntownPao de acucarDowntownBotanic GardenCopacabana

The 2013 Pangborn Local Organising Committee would like to inform you that the political protest marches that are taking place all over Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro, will not interfere with our event. They are pacific and democratic manifestations and, in our opinion, we are asking for very fair demands. When some agitation occurs, it is strictly localised, and it is a moment that the media explores the situation a lot. Moreover, they are less frequent and with less people. Besides, marches locations and times are always announced in advance, so it is very unlike to get to one by chance. We will keep every delegate informed if any manifestation occurs during the 10th Pangborn, and she/he will be able to avoid the area. Our expectation is that the manifestations will decrease with time because the main objective was to draw the attention of our government executives to some claims that have been partially met.

A Statement from the Conference Chair


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