10th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2013

Sunday Morning

Suggestions for actives for Sunday 11 August 2013

A walk along the beach:

Barra da Tijuca is the longest beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with 18 Km of clean and tropical green water. Barra is well known for its beaches and its uncountable lakes and rivers. Barra da Tijuca is also the name of the economic center of the borough, the neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca, classified as one of the richest places in the country and based on the 2010 Brazil Census, it has one of the highest HDI (0.970) in Brazil.

Craft Fair of Barra da Tijuca:

Every Sunday, there is a famous craft fair in Barra da Tijuca district – located at “Praça do Ó”. At the fair you will find paintings, home decorations, flower arrangements, personalized clothing, layettes, eco-bijoux, bijoux with Brazilian stones, crochet and knitting, bags, hats, patchwork etc… It is walking distance from Windsor Barra approximately 600 meters and the opening times are from 8am to 6pm.


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